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The Slabscape novels are set in a slab-shaped spaceship the size of California. Its 32 million human, semi-human and not-actually-human inhabitants are on a 20,000 year journey to the source of mankind’s existential suffering – or ‘home’ as it’s more commonly known.

I’ve read quite a lot of sci-fi novels and I would easily put Slabscape in my top 5 and I highly recommend you stop reading reviews and go get this book.

Slabscape: Reset is the first in the series (published Winter 2010). It introduces the two main characters, Dielle and Louie who, despite being different in almost every way are actually the same person. It also introduces the fabulous world of Slab with its variable downs, instant everythings and a ubiquitous sister who listens to the thoughts of every single one of the 32 million SlabCitizens.

Slabscape: Dammit is the second (published Autumn 2014). There’s a stop sign the size of a solar system slap-bang in their way and Louie thinks that SlabCouncil really should be paying more attention to it. Meanwhile, Dielle’s desire to invest in a diversion gets him diverted in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Slabscape: Reboot is the third (publication date TBC). In which Slab is faced with a problem that even Louie can’t solve.

The slabscape series are webbacks which means they are backed-up by a free, online resource of back-stories, definitions, explanations and complete irrelevancies at which can be accessed through any internet connected browser or various connected eReaders. The ePub versions of the books contain many hotlinks embedded within the narrative.

The books are published by Blip Books in paperback and eBook formats and are available through Amazon worldwide and selected online retailers.

This site is a portal to the ever-growing universe of slabscapades including the Slabscapedia, short stories from the Cosmic Tit, aphorisms and sayings from Milli, the Orgasm Cat, and many more to come. There are links to most of this in the slide-out menu along with one to ‘discussions’ which opens an Amazon page because we think it might be interesting for casual visitors, but if it gets too busy or restrictive, we’ll set up a forum or discussion widget on this site. Please stay in touch by joining the mailing list because we really can’t rely on facebook and twitter to get messages to you.

Off the Hook! What an epic read.

Orion nebula image credit: Greg Parker, Star Vistas.